GeekABC News

In Q1 2017, Andy discovered that he could apply his experience in live stream management to a marketing context using the relatively new Facebook Live platform for his employer, GeekABC Computer Repair. Inspired by the work of the "tech tuber" journalism movement lead by the likes of Linus Sebastian, Steve Burke, and Jason Langevin, Andy launched GeekABC News, a weekly technology news roundup streamed live to Facebook every Saturday at 7PM.

GeekABC News was a marketing success, expanding the company's advertising reach beyond what previous digital marketing strategies had ever achieved. With an initial investment of only $100, GeekABC News was also the most efficient marketing platform the company had attempted. With weekly Q/A sessions, special guest interviews, and roundups of major trade show like Computex, Andy made GeekABC Computer Repair a more personable, interactive company. Media used for the show eventually rebranded the entire company, both in-store and online. 

GeekABC News culminated with a multi-part video series on the design and build process of Andy's personal computer, a showcase rig featuring a transparent LCD side panel, a custom GPU backplate, and color-matching power cables (videos re-uploaded below). This launched the GeekABC custom computer campaign, which has continued to play an important role in the company's roadmap even after Andy's departure in Fall 2017.