The Global Inquirer

The Global Inquirer is the University of Virginia's premiere undergraduate research podcast. Examining case studies to explain how global trends impact real lives, The Global Inquirer releases weekly podcast episodes and is currently in its fourth production season. In addition to the weekly podcast release, a live episode is produced once each season, both for a studio audience and for a virtual audience on the Facebook Live platform. 

Andy joined the podcast near the end of its second season, taking on the role of the first technical director. His initial task was to produce The Global Inquirer's first live episode, which required the design and deployment of a new streaming system that was suitable for rapid deployment in the event space at Open Grounds. The success of this episode and the one that followed in the next season earned The Global Inquirer a partnership with the Miller Center for Public Affairs, where the most recent live event was held. 


As technical director, Andy draws from both radio and theatrical influences to manage the logistics of running a podcast. Beyond just resourcing staff members with the proper equipment, Andy runs the in-studio recording sessions, masters the audio files, shoots and edits a weekly promotional video, and edits the final podcast before publishing online to The Global Inquirer's website, which he built for the team shortly after joining.


Andy works with the host and editor-in-chief to shape the podcast's roadmap and production cycle.