Video Design for STP Production of Newsies


The Saint Bernadette Summer Theatre Program (STP) entered its 22nd production season with Newsies. Now off Broadway, this production was one of the first runs of the show at the community level in the DC metro area.


STP's Newsies production featured the most ambitious set design the program had ever attempted. Inspired by the Broadway run, Andy and long-time collaborator Jonathan Kokotajlo designed a five-piece, steel pipe set with three, two-story towers and two bridge units. Despite their size, all scenic units were freely mobile, even with actors riding them. 

In addition to assisting with scenic design, Andy served as the projection designer for the production. The set featured white burlap shades that could be unfurled to create impressive projection real estate when desired. The shades could be rolled into the top of each tower level to reveal the tower's interior. 

The projections themselves were comprised of "place-making" scenic projections and VFX animations used at key moments in the musical. Projections were mapped for all tower configurations so that digital media could be presented as freely as was requested by artistic staff.