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OneMic: An Evening of Storytelling

The Kalpana Performing Arts Group (KPAG) produced OneMic, an evening of storytelling in December at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, Virginia. Guests enjoyed a night of theatrical and narrative entertainment on the evening of Sunday, Dec 23rd, 2018. KPAG, the production company that created Palki: A Cinematic Stage Drama in 2017 is continuing its mission to bring contemporary storytelling to diverse audiences. Everyone has a story to tell, but few have a platform to share it with others. Through future OneMic events, KPAG looks forward to providing storytellers with the opportunity to share their journeys with the full capabilities of digital and theatrical media at their disposal.

Andy was a founding member of KPAG, having worked for the Bengladeshi-American community since he was 18. Andy was the event manager for OneMic, coordinating all venue and technical logistics. During the OneMic show itself, Andy was the broadcast technical director for a Facebook live stream, yet another deployment of a mobile streaming system he is continuing to test and develop. 

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