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Palki - A Cinematic Stage Drama

Palki is a theatrical drama about a young girl coming of age in rural Bangladesh. As she prepares for marriage, Palki confronts challenges at home and seeks refuge in a world of her own imagination. Seen through the eyes of the Bengali community but made to be accessible to Americans of any background, this show will be performed in English, emphasizing universal human themes and examining the dynamics of sisterhood, coming of age, and matrimony. This production employs high-tech theatrical effects to synthesize live musical theater with pre-composited digital sequences, enriching this stage play with cinematic characters, backgrounds, and effects projected throughout the show. 

Having been involved with the production for thirteen months prior to opening, Andy had the opportunity to explore all areas of the production of Palki. As assistant producer for technical design at the Kalpana Performing Arts Group (KPAG), Andy managed all of the projection technology required to make the world of Palki come to life. This work included the development of a quad-projector media distribution system that prioritized "plug and play" functionality for media development off-site and rapid deployment in-venue. 


Andy was also tasked with adjusting the script translation from Bengali to English so that all cultural and thematic elements would be easily accessible for audience members of any background. This process involved regular meetings with members of the Bangladesh Association of America, Inc. (BAAI) and students from the University of Virginia studying anthropology and script writing.

As a "cinematic stage drama," Palki's media design required several film shoots. Andy worked with cinematographer Jonathan Kokotajlo as ADP on all film sets, both in studio and on location. He also supervised the media creation process for the production, an effort involving traditional artists, animators, 3D CAD specialists, musicians, and cameramen from across the United States. 

Finally, KPAG tasked Andy with oversight of marketing and advertising efforts for Palki. He shot and edited several promotional videos, authored the marketing literature, communicated with news outlets, and spoke at fundraising dinners to encourage support for KPAG's flagship production. 

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