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Live Projection Mapping Software

The goal of this project is to achieve real-time projection mapping and masking onto moving individuals using Intel Realsense™ Technology and a custom software solution. The project will deploy in two phases, with the first phase, static map rasterization....


"Optimizing the Targeted, Decision-Based Attack"

As a student researcher and paper co-author, Andy recently researched and developed a ~20% optimization for an IBM decision-based adversarial attack for image detection processors...

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Andy is working to enable lighting designers to simulate their art in a virtual 3D environment by building a software bridge between offline light board editors and the world’s premiere open-source CAD program, Blender. Combined with NVidia’s bleeding-edge realtime ray tracing technology, “RTX,” this project...

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UVA Stage Robot

Andy is currently working with the University of Virginia Department of Drama to develop a software control system for their automated stage robot...